May 1, 2019

The Last Weight Loss Program You’ll Ever Need

I am a Mom and wife who doesn’t hide in the shadows anymore. My family loves me unconditionally, but now I love me and it shows. –Tricia Trumbley

Isn’t that beautiful? That’s a result everyone deserves.

Have you tried many diets, only to gain the weight back? If so, you’re not alone. This is a common experience. It can be so defeating that we feel hopeless and give up on trying to lose weight altogether.  

However, there’s a strong reason to give it one more chance to achieve your weight loss goals and enjoy the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. While there’s no shortage of weight loss programs available today, the one that has consistently shown superior long-term results is Physicians Weight Loss.

Physicians Weight Loss has developed a system for their programs that not only works in the short-term, but guarantees long-term success. Since they opened in 1979, they have helped over 52 million people achieve lasting weight loss.

I have tried other diets and lost weight but could never keep it off. PWLC gave me the tools to lose the weight with a great support system to get to my goal weight. – John Graff

Imagine yourself maintaining your goal weight and how your life will change. This is possible for you! These components of Physicians Weight Loss programs make the difference that will turn your goal into a reality:


Physicians Weight Loss programs are customizable, ensuring that the program chosen for you will fit your lifestyle and be sustainable.

Medically-Designed and Approved

They offer only physician-approved, dietician-designed programs to ensure proper nutrition. There are no dangerous fad diets included in their programs.


Patients at Physicians Weight Loss are medically-supervised for safe and sustainable weight loss. Lab work and medical tests are included in the program fees.

Professional Support

Professional one-to-one support is built into the program structure. Skilled counselors provide support and coach you to your goal weight.


A life-long, free maintenance guarantee is included in all programs.

While Physicians Weight Loss programs are developed to foster long-term habit change, they understand that difficulties happen and sometimes life circumstances can undermine our best intentions. If clients ever need to lose weight again, they are welcomed back with no fees under the Maintenance Guarantee.

When people ask me about my weight loss I tell them I went to Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers and it changed my life. They didn’t provide me with a 16 week diet. They gave me the tools to change the way I eat forever. – Jessica Baringer

Long-term weight loss success is within your reach. Don’t give up hope when there is a proven system  available that can help you achieve the quality of life you dream of.

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“I am a Mom and wife who doesn’t hide in the shadows anymore. My family loves me unconditionally, but now I love me and it shows.”
Tricia Tumbley
Lost 111 Pounds & 118 Inches
*Results may vary from person to person.
“They taught me the WILL POWER to succeed. Thank You! You have to start with the philosophy that the only person that can change your life is YOU.”
John Graff
Lost 208 Pounds & 190 Inches
*Results may vary from person to person.
“I have been on other diets, but this was different. The program was straight forward and easy to stick to. Seventeen weeks after my initial visit to PWLC I walked out 53 pounds lighter and 57 ¾ inches smaller.”
Jessica Baringer
Lost 53 Pounds and 57 Inches
*Results may vary from person to person.
“I’m no longer self-conscious about my weight; I love being out and about at social events and family outings. It’s a wonderful feeling being asked 'How much have you lost now? You look great!' ”
Tina Abbott
Lost 82 Pounds & 75 Inches
*Results may vary from person to person.

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